Trading Counsel Solutions, LLC (TCS) is a trading focused law firm with expertise in multi-commodity trading and derivatives transactions. TCS provides real-time support to meet the urgent needs of trade floor clients. The TCS mission is to provide affordable, user-friendly trade floor advisement – your outside in-house counsel.

TCS offers expertise in multiple commodities including derivatives, crude, refined products, natural gas liquids, natural gas, power and emissions and can assist clients with complete cross-bench commercial and documentation advisement. TCS specializes in providing enterprise-wide documentation risk management.

TCS has a unique understanding of the commodity markets and has proven expertise in standardized master agreements and structured energy transactions. TCS can assist with template drafting and negotiation of commodity and derivatives master agreements including full suite credit documentation advisement of credit support annexes, letters of credit and guaranties. TCS can provide documentation solutions tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Nicole W. Russell
Managing Director and Managing Trading Counsel