Trading Counsel Solutions is pleased to announce that Christie Degard has joined the company as Director and Senior Trading Counsel. Christie brings a wealth of in-house experience, including past roles with BP, Uniper Global Commodities North America, and DTE. Christie is a cross-commodity trading lawyer with experience in power, natural gas, LNG, oil, refined products, natural gas liquids, coal, helium, and derivatives. Christie was recently tapped by the IECA to speak about recent developments in Renewable Energy Credits, and she has worked extensively with the renewable portfolio standard regulations in many states.

Christie also has experience with Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs), including biomass and other renewable natural gas projects, California Low Carbon Fuel Standard and AB32 credits. Her expertise includes structuring and negotiating bespoke, structured transactions, such as asset management agreements, energy management agreements, tolling agreements, and power purchase agreements, as well as utilizing standardized energy commodity agreements such as the ISDA, NAESB, GasEDI, LEAP, EEI, and WSPP, and accompanying credit agreements for all transactions including credit support agreements, first liens, and security agreements.

Christie is barred in Illinois and Michigan and is serving on the Leadership Pipeline Committee of the IECA and is an active member of Advancing Women in Energy.

As a tradefloor lawyer, she was committed to creating strong relationships with commercial counterparts and cross-functional connections with front office, credit, tax and operations. Christie strives to create strong, sustainable, respectful relationships, and she will be a perfect fit for the on-going TCS mission of providing responsive, user-friendly, experienced, and affordable counsel to trading clients.

Please join me in welcoming Christie to TCS, I could not be more pleased to have such a talented and well-respected colleague.

Nicole W. Russell
Managing Director / Managing Trading Counsel